wip. character for animation.....

i like drawing stuffed animals with stitches in them and fluff coming out. giving them more of a dark feelinf. so i decided to model one in blender and use it in an animation…this is it so far.

the only problem im having is with the bad deformation on the shoulders. does anyone know how to better fix this?


try cutting another loop around where the arm meets the armpit, and don’t assign vertices to the bones from the loops closer to the shoulder,
leave those vertices for like a clavicle bone if you plan on having those.
it would be easier to help with a picture of your mesh in edit mode.

you should set one or more bones in the shoulder area and then use the paint weights facilities to control a little more how the mesh is deformed by each bone. I don’t feel easy on the weight painting myself, but I saw recently a tutorial written on this topic. Was it IgorSandman , IIRC? A search on these forums didn’t gave me good results, so I’m not sure… If someone remembers…

Based on my limited 3D experience its almost impossible to get prefect joint deformations with armatures alone. We need a system which allows us to link a lattice or RVKs or something to an armature, so that joints maintain volume. This has been brought up before, and I’m quite sure this is something we’ll have someday.

That said, at this time its best to intitially model your character in a pose which is half-bent in all the joints.

Something like I have in this character here: