[WIP] Character

(kaktuswasse) #1

character wip ( a little bit slid3-like):

cya henrik

(kaktuswasse) #2

really that bad?

please post some critic…please

(BgDM) #3

Not too bad. Hat seems a little blocky, but that can be fixed easily by setting it to smooth.

Nothing else seems to be wrong with it.


(blengine) #4

i think its pretty cool, a little simple, and the lighting is a bit plain…maybe if u make a strong orange or colored spotlight coming from the right or left it would look cooler… and maybe a more dramatic camera angle (footlevel tilted looking up and left?)… for the model, i like it =)

(kaktuswasse) #5

well, that blocky-stuff is because of the subsurvs…in the finished version i’ll
choose subsurv=3 … for modelling the pc is too slow then… :smiley:

i dont wanted to take a dramatic pose ,so that u can see the model better…

Yes,it’s very simple but it should be very simple and will be more detailed later…
Thats just a 10-30 minutes work,yet :wink:

cya henrik

P.S.: thank u for your posts!

(acasto) #6

Looks good.

What’s the mood of the character supposed to be?

You could duplicating your coat and hat, and make different styles on different layers. So you could dree it up differently by selecting a different layer.

I’m not being mean, it’s funny if you look at it, then think about a little kid wearing his grandpa’s coat and hat …

(kaktuswasse) #7

it is going to be a chracter for a short movie/animation or something like that…

cya henrik