WIP character

hey guys here is a sneak peak at my charachter for my movie teaser im realising in december ! :slight_smile:

its a wip so suggestions for improvment are welcome


I suggest improving eyehair, depth of the eyes and cloths, they are quite flat. Leather needs a better material on the shoulders, theu also seem low-poly.

hey bernad thx for the advice. here comes an upgrade

Better! Now has tridimensionality. Light needs some little corrections. Good work:yes:

thx . how would u see about the light ? i have 2 lamps in the scene, 2 point lamps. one infront of here as u can see in the reflection and one behind her.

here is a littel more work on the clothing and pads

Better could be with 2 lamps in front, one stronger than the other, add also a diffuse light arounf the character