WIP - Compositing Contest 2

Well, I’m currently working on the animation for the compositing contest 2.

So I thought I would post my progress, maybe get some feedback or something. :smiley:

Some tests of the track:
Track itself: http://speedmodeling.org/smcfiles/kngcalvn_track.blend

I’ve decided to use these characters:
Blend file: http://speedmodeling.org/smcfiles/kngcalvn_dragon001.blend


Here is a test animation of the dragon (still needs some work)

Here is the trashcan in motion (maybe needs a more dramatic fall)

Wow. looking good so far. I think the trashcan looks good but at the end should continue to slide much more. And maybe if a piece of hard plastic broke off and went spinning it would add to it. The dragon is hilarious. I love it. Keep it up

Crititrozoz: Hmm… I’ll try. Thanks

OK, I’m going to have this random guy sneak up to the dragon. Here is a test animation:

[update] http://speedmodeling.org/smcfiles/kngcalvn_sneak3.mov

Looks cool. He’s kinda slow moving in that though. But its probably just me. Good luck with the trash can, but do what you like with it. I do think it should slide farther. maybe a bit of random trash could rip outta the bag from underneat so to keep it from getting to complicated? Just an idea.

Calvin… WOW!! That’s pretty cool!!
Got you some skills!

Personally I would leave the guy out. Doesn’t really seem to fit in with the theme of the whole thing (IMHO).

Well, I know I wrote this in irc the other night, but not sure if you got it. For the sneaking, I would make the beginning part of the step, where he lifts his foot go more vertical, like he’s stepping over something, and also mid-stride when he goes up, I would make him go up more to give him a bigger bounce. I think somebody else already said it, and although the hand movements look hilarious, when I think of sneaking, I see the hands out front and kinda to the sides to keep balance and to keep from running into stuff, also so the sneaker can grab the victim more easily.

a great start!
did you use Icarus or voodoo or something else to do the tracking? I usually use Icarus to track but get an annoying jitter, you seem to have avoided it. was it manually removed (what I usually do, a huge pain)?

5OnIt: I Don’t know…
Crititrozoz: hmmm… I will add more dramatic fall. As far as ripping bag. If I have time I’ll add it in.

bgstratt: thanks again. Will work on it!

Mattimus: I used icarus, But went through a MONTH-worth of hand tweaking. (Trying different methods, masks, etc.) Thats why I am a little late in the animation (seems like alot of people are already done) spent the first month tracking the scene.

NOW… presenting another character (fully rigged): The chair!


hahah … dat dragon is soo funnyy … i know its not doing much yet … but its soo funnyy :cool: best of luck for your contest

Well… I decided to scrap the sneaky animation and the chair.

Instead I’m going to be using a van and the same character as a news reporter.


The Van:

Making of the Van can be seen here:

Van Animation: http://speedmodeling.org/smcfiles/kngcalvn_car_test.mov

AND after 6+ hours of attempting to animate, here is the news reporter in action:

I still need to animate the right hand, and animate the Dragon. :smiley:

So here are my thoughts on the news guy. I think that after he sees the dragon roaring and starts to run he should ditch the mic and his arms should flail more. The way he runs just doesn’t look natural to me holding the mic and holding his arms like that. Besides that i think it’s great. Its really coming together. Keep it up and you’ll have a masterpiece

Crititrozoz: Here is an update: http://speedmodeling.org/smcfiles/kngcalvn_newsrep3.mov

I still need to add that more dramatic fall to that trashcan (it stops to fast)

looking good Calvin!
keep up the good work :smiley:

This is looking really awesome! I reakon you’ve got a really good chance of winning this if you keep this work up!

Nice Calvin!

very nice movements there, especially the van…i like…

it looks like the dino is stepping DOwn on the garbage can, which makes it seem unnatural that it flys up into the air. Two options: make it squish down, or start the dino a bit closer, so contact is made on the up swing of leg!
other than that very good! i usually don’t bother to give crits, unless i see a lot of potential! i do.

i watched it again, i think the reporter should appear closer to the van, as if he just left it ( that’s what your going for right?). yeah, he seems too far away when you first see him…

Jeepster, Cuby, noidtluom: Thanks.

venar303: THanks, I’ll play around with that.

Well, today I decided to try and do a test render. But I ran into a few problems. Vblur causes aliasing when one object overlaps another.

I created a mask which was animated to follow the frame of the door and windows. Point was to delete parts of the characters so that the frames could be seen from the other side. THus making it seem like the character is walking behind the window. But since this mask overlapped the characters it created aliasing.

Anyways after hours of trying to figure out how to do it, Joeedh came to the rescue. SO I thought I might as well share. SO pretty much the mask and the characters (objects) were seperated into two renderlayers… and the mask layer was used to delete parts of the objects layer and composited with the 2d background.

Here is the actual file provided by Joeedh: http://speedmodeling.org/smcfiles/kngcalvn_help2.blend

And the result: (Ops, forgot to enable shadows)

Enjoy! :smiley:

Sweet man. i’m guessing you don’t have a .mov up yet, but the pics look cool

I would love to do this stuff, but it is way outside of my realm. I tried that cg a live action tut, it is way hard to achieve a good look. It looks like you know what your doing.