WIP: Computer

I’ve been working on some computer parts for a small short that a friend and myself are working on. comments and critism would be appriciated!

(Apple Mighty Mouse)
(Wood textured mouse version here: http://continental.nick125.com/art/mightymouse-render4.jpg)

(LCD Monitor)

Made the bottom of the LCD monitor stand a little bit wider, and also moved the stand back so it would be at an angle, instead of straight down.

Personally owning a Dual 2.7GHz G5 and a 30" Apple Cinema Display, I could give some crits on the modeling. If you are aiming to make the new displays, the borders are much smaller around the display area. If you are aiming for an iMac, the border on the bottom needs to be taller. For the iMac, round off all the corners, but for a Cinema Display only round the edge from front to back (the sides are sharp on the displays). A note about the base: they are rounded in the back where the base meets the table. The display also has 3 buttons on the right side, Volume + and -, and a power.

Which are you aiming for?

Also, the Might Mouse could use some work. Inset the Scroll Ball a bit and give it an edge around the ball on the base mesh to make it look like it’s not just stuck on there, rather built on. The general shape of the mouse needs to be smoother and more oval. Also remember there are buttons on both sides of the mouse.

About the mouse, I just looked at the Apple site, and, I should add those to the Mighty Mouse (dont ask why I choose any of these things, i just randomly thought of these things). About the LCD, I mainly am going for a more or less a generic LCD monitor, using the second monitor (its a off brand that i got for $150) as a reference.

All the images are dead.

they work fine for me. try to copy/paste this into your browser


and for op, the ball on the mighty mouse isn’t nearly that tall, and there’s a little gap around it before the main body.

here’s a nice side shot of it

That’s cuz they’re still in your browser cache. Clear your temporary internet files. They’re dead.

nope, they’re still up. maybe it’s a dns problem on your side. i even tried wget just to check if it was still up

>wget http://continental.nick125.com/art/lcd-render4.jpg
--17:39:05--  http://continental.nick125.com:80/art/lcd-render4.jpg
           => `lcd-render4.jpg'
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Sorry guys nick125 is installing gentoo over his freeBSD box they’ll be up soon

another reason why you should upload your stuff with me everyone :smiley: (look at my signature)

installing gentoo and soon in the same sentence…
error does not compute :wink:

Sorry for the issue, the images are back up now, I knew I should have uploaded the images to my server instead of leaving them on my desktop. Anyways, I should have some more images up in a little bit, once I get everything working on my gentoo install.


See only 2 hours :stuck_out_tongue: