[WIP] Concept Phone inspired by Pixel

Hello. This phone was modelled in Blender 2.8 and rendered in Keyshot 8. This is a work in progress. Will do more of it. Much thanks to the Hard Surface Modelling course by Creative shrimp and CG Masters. Hope you like it. Any suggestions or critiques would be appreciated. First one is edited in Lightroom and Photoshop, Second one is raw render.

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if you are going to do a concept scene my opinion is that it should reflect the design of the phone not to content that is displayed on the screen.
I mean there should be a secondery light from the left and the phone should be rotated slightly more towards the viewer and that secondery light should cover the screen diagonaly in order to emphasize the screen curveture on the sides.

also the front is usualy glass and not interesting, try showing front and back and lights arround the phone should reflect the curves.

Yes i did try it out but tge model isnt very ready yet. I know what you are talking about

Changes color depending on the angle.

Materials test

Yes, that’s an interesting “product shot” but I doubt that the rear of the phone is actually the “mirror” that you depict. But also, the right-hand panel, being more brightly-lit than The Almighty Product™, steals the thunder away from it. Which is never what you want to do.

Also consider a “portrait” orientation for this picture, or custom (non-theatrical) dimensions for the image, to omit most of the area to the left and right side. These areas are not pulling any weight.

Hmm… I’d continue to fool around with the arrangement of this shot because what I really want to see, “close up and personal,” is the screen display, which should probably be less cluttered (as far as the background goes) and maybe more conventional. Because, “that’s what the customer is going to Buy.”

P.S.: Please understand that these comments are “nits!” :slight_smile:

Those were just wip and thanks, i appreciate it.