wip concepts for my new game

Hey guys,
Ive started some concepts for a game I plan on making.
Its going to be about a man named Jarod Miles who is on a plane to chicago for a business trip & it crashes in the sea. He swims to a island in the distance.
Hes the only survivour. Anyway it goes on but I havent really got a story line yet.
Iv got a few concepts, 2 of the island, & 1 of a cutscene type thing at the start of the game.
Anyway these are my first concepts ive ever done in gimp, so Id like your opinion.

Cheers :D.


Like the idea, not many games go along with the “survival” story but I do have one crit. The storyline is pretty serious and really the only thing that fits with a serious storyline are realistic or semi-realistic models. We all know that Blender isn’t the best in well…loading more than 20,000 or so polys. You see the dilema? Good luck anyway :slight_smile:
| Sanguine |

Reminds me of Lost in Blue and Survivor Kids…
This looks like it’ll be a good game, i cant help you cuz im a noob but… maybe when i get better i can help.

You may want to use Ben’s BGE RC5 release, nearly all of the bugs that used to plague the BGE are fixed in that build.

Sanguine: Hmm True, well Ill have to try keep the poly count as low as possable, but also try & get as realistic as possable lol.
ZwergKonig: actually I think my main inspiration was lost aye.
Cyborg Dragon: Cheers Ive downloaded it but havent tryed it out yet, hopefuly it helps later on :D.
Im starting to do the second pic.

Cheers :D.

were can i find Ben’s BGE RC5

Dont bump up old threads unless your the owner of the thread…

Have fun making the game and best wished completing it!!!

sorry i had no idea i havent been on the forums for months