(WIP) Coward

Hey, here’s a wip of my latest artwork, just a quick sculpt.
I just wanted to share it with you people so maybe I could get some feedback on it.
I’m unsure about the grass on the little stand, if it actualy fits the scene, also, the overall composition of the image, specially on the camera and the colors.

Please note that I’m open for hard critique on any aspect of it so feel free to punch me :smiley:

Update 1 (10/12/19)


So I don’t know anything about shot composition, but I’m into horror and the whole mouth-for-a-face deal is right up my alley. Maybe you want to be drawing more attention towards that?

removed by popular demand

Yeah, that’s the focal point of the image, maybe I should work more on the lighting.

It’s actually screaming and I still have to work on the pose itself, the original idea was to make it holding the flower, but I’m going to try something different. Thanks for the feedback!

Updated, still unfinished.