WIP Cupra Formentor

Jumping very late into the Blender train. This is my first model ever in blender. I was very busy the last two years working hard and i didn’t have any time and energy left to work on my personal projects/portfolio. I set the goal of learning something new every year so i spent a few hours per night this summer vacations modelling this car, watching tutorials (Heavily based on Master Car Creation from CG Masters), reading community forums, collecting information and resources, etc.

I have to say that i had a really good time. Blender is a fantastic piece of software. The modelling tools are really easy to learn, the keyboard shortcuts are really helpful, the interface at the beginning was intimidating but after a few hours working on it, you end up loving it because it is very intuitive.

Now i want to use this model for a short animation video of the car hitting the road. If you guys have any suggestion about vehicle rigging and animation i’ll gladly appreciate your help.

Thanks and have a good one!!!

You can see more images at my artstation (sorry, as a new user i can only attach one image per post)



I love the design of this. I wasn’t even aware of this car at all. Never even heard of them! It’s a wicked looking SUV I love it.