WIP:Cyber Generated Artificial Intelligence

if you were talking to me (which i am sure you weren’t) yes you can use my idea although. i’d love to help out but as far as actual game developement is concerned - i dont’ know much and i am going off line soon so i won’t have anyway of checking the progress for design wise but here are some suggestions -

  1. got to be third person viewing with full orbital motion of the camera (the camera can be spun and moved all around the robot.

  2. got to have a first person button where it switches to that when you want (with two cameras - not just one cause bugs have compound eyes! lol ya right like that’d happen!)

  3. infrared mode - all the robots that i have ever built used infrared detection or light detection to determine distance to objects so you need to view only objects that reflect and the closer they are the greener they are - this would be for first person only.

  4. you have to have realistic mech sounds of springs, motors, metal on metal, wires bending and …

  5. keep the jerky movements - robots are known for this cause that is just how mechanics work - never have i seen an insect bot that has fluid motion!

  6. surroundings need to be very realistic (not neccessaryily high poly just very well textured) textures can hide alot of mistakes (or low poly) so that is the key. Suggestions for those would be like a jungle, underwater, desert, warehouse… cool setting with a story to them.

  7. the list goes on but i have run out of ideas!

i’d love to lend my studios name to the productions but seeing as i wouldn’t have much input (seeing i am going offline :frowning: ) it wouldn’t be very fair! i’ll get some links to some robots that friends of mine have built so you can do some modeling! so that’ll be comng soon! :wink:

ok prince the idea’s i already thought of most of them :stuck_out_tongue: the infra red yes i have an idea on how to do that erm i didnt mean to use your robot but i will :stuck_out_tongue: didnt think of that lol i meant his up there erm for the jerky movements mine dont jerk one sec…no mine dont jerk i got infra red on all mine its so call :stuck_out_tongue: erm ill certainly use ur ideas me and nor.j are gonna make robots evry so often and stuff like maps and all im gonna do the animations and stuff :D. but erm…solmax can we use your idea?

i din’t expect you to use my bot but rather the features - infrared, fps and 3rd person view. I think his cg robot is muh cooler looking and could be used for more dramatic maps. I’d suggst tryig to go for one map everymonth but that is just me… i can’t wait to get back online and see your progress! :wink:

well prince me and NOR.J are working hard on this and we are gonna realese new robots every so often is well ;). we are gonna use your ideas is well thx well i thought of some of them but :P. and for infra red i got an idea :D.

yo prince you got the sites?

oh sorry mate i figured you wouldn’t want them cause someone said “we weren’t going to use yours!”

here they are:








Here is another type of robot called a photopopper (rolls and is solarpowered - hey i just thought of a new feature - you have to watch your solar energy supply and when you see yourself low you have to make for light or you end up dieing! betcha didn’t think of that one! you know you need me! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: )


Here are some sensors -





Here is what a chip looks like up and close!


All of this stuff can be found at www.solarbotics.com and www.solarbotics.net (for galleries) hope this stuff can give you ideas! Movies of the robot are also available here:





sorry about the .mov but some of you have quicktime!

Helpful? :wink:

thx prince no i didnt tihnk of that lol we are not useing infra red sorry. these links are cool im looking at them now i havnt gotten to the mov’s yet “we wernt gonna use yours” what i ment was i didnt think about that sorry if i gave the wrong impression. yea i build robots so i know stuff and that about them :stuck_out_tongue: im a begginner but i think im good aint got any stuff like equipment to do anything now so i sorta stoped for a while. well thanks uv helpd ;). and why u goin offline? ok im gonna start modeling and stuff soon. and also we are gonna make this futurristic cause its hard to make a game where u just go forward and whe u come to an obstacle u turn what type of a game would that be, were gonna do it so u control it all and stuff , futur style so, but thanks again.

hhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmm IDEA yo prince how bout this i was looking at the mov the first one and the infra red thing ontop i think its infra red looks around well what if i do it so when your near an object it will look at it so u know its there ?

well first off you have to understand what type of robots these i have presented are. They are called BEAM robots and that is an acronym for biologic (looks like something found in a biology book :stuck_out_tongue: ) electronic (has electronic - not a toughy!) aesthestic (has too look good) and mechanic (has a mechanical motion or) now most beam robots have all these features but a few only have a few which is okay too!

second thing about most of teh robots found at solarbotics.com is taht they are solarpowered - here is a solarpanel that i use:


they use special circuits called solar engines that help store the little power in a capacitor (like a battery but without quite as much storage but with more discharge) then once the capacitor is full it releases it into a motor or servo and the robot then experience the M part of BEAM! That is why these robots often move slowly but on the flip side there bursts of motion can move them quite far and the plus to being solar powered is that they have no need of batteries and most of these bots are “autonomous” which means they don’t require input from humans - they can avoid obstacles on there own!

another thing to know is that these robots don’t follow traditional robotic methodogy but rather they follow these three laws (here are the formal):

the bot must protect itself at all time

the bot must provide and maintan its own energy

the bot must find better sources of energy


protect thy ars

feed thy ars

move thy ars to better realstate

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay all fun aside those are the three important parts to these bots.

Grimreaper i dont’ understand what you mean…

the thing on top of the four legged (four motor) walking robot is a “sunseeker” it moves itself around to point better towards light sources to keep it running! On that bot it was hacked to help navigate the bot toward better light sources. It uses photodiodes (diodes that let current pass only when light is present) which do respond to regular, infra, and ultra violet light.

idea summary:

have lots of LEDs (light emitting diodes - lights) on the robots. This adds so much more coolness to them!

keeping with the futuristic type robots - make a HUD (heads up display) in green that masks everything the camera sees (parent a sprite to the camera) and it have a “scanning” grid, control menu on the bottom, energy and sensor input (in decimal values) on the side.

don’t even know if this is possible but - have it possilbe to switch between fps and 3rd person view and when in first person the hud is displayed. I meant i don’t know if camera switching in game is possible.

solar energy monitoring - a bar graph shows both stored energy and ambient energy available. changes from green to yellow to red when decaying.

when i said infra red i did mean display infra red maps of the surrounding but that is a little ambitious so perhaps you could use the “infra red” sensors (one on either side of the robot) to detect obstacles on either side of the robot and when one detects an obstacle the hud displays a red mask over the viewing area and sets the sensor level to red. this can be achieved with the radar sensor of blender.

anyway that is what i have so far (some i have already mentioned) as more come i’ll let you know.

i am going offline cause i am moving to texas and wont’ have an internet connection (or email) for a while but when i do i would love to join the team. Also i may beable to use the internet maybe once a week if i go over to freinds or something so i won’t be completely offline - if anythig i can go to the library!

tell me if you have any other information you may want!

here’s some links to more refernce images and movies:














there are more movies out there but i can’t find them!

those were just reference images and to help you understand the “gate” structure of walking bots. plus a couple parts thrown in there and a couple photovores in case you want some non walking bots too!


thanks dude beleive it or not i read all of that :stuck_out_tongue: ok altho i forog some lol i liked what you wrote. u can join the team if u wish? what is your companie name any ways? erm ill read it again and look at the links and reply again.

holy crap amber is so cool :smiley: thanks for the refernce dude amba can we use her in our game? i call her a her :D.

by all means! iti s my favorite too! my company name is Real FX Studios go to www.geocities.com/oifthegame/download and download the avi file there - it isn’t finished and i have a better one made but that is what i have for a demo! I will join the team! count me in!

here is a clip of the real fx studios new version -


the avi is a sketching animation of the title from the rough draft to the colored version! it is really cool and i’ll post it when i finish it (it’s like 10 seconds or so) you can still use it but i can’t really endorse it since i won’t really have much say when i go offline so why don’t you wait till i get more information on my offline issue.

ya sorry it was long!

yo does that mean im a teammember ? but you aint my boss we are all equel ok!!! i hate ppl who think there better . ok well iv allmost finished modeling and texturing this robot its one of the ones you posted not amber but she’s a beaut :P. erm thinking…o btw solmax sorry for doin this to you thread if you want ill make another? prince u can help until you go offline but ill be looking forward to you coming back. do u think u could get me some top views cause making these chipboard textures are a pain in the bum(i dont like swearing :)) ill post an pic here in a couple mins.

ok prince and others that are likeing this thread.


tell me what you think i know its not finished yet but.

yes team member not a buisness situation - if we get a website together we would need a andminstrator (something i am very familiar with) and they do have sort of a higher position with actual forum buisness.

ok well iv allmost finished modeling and texturing this robot its one of the ones you posted not amber but she’s a beaut :P. erm thinking…o

perhaps a render without the solder joints (textured rather) and with osa?

prince u can help until you go offline but ill be looking forward to you coming back. do u think u could get me some top views cause making these chipboard textures are a pain in the bum(i dont like swearing :)) ill post an pic here in a couple mins.

http://www.botsculpture.com/Popper.jpg color images of it

http://downloads.solarbotics.net/PDF/kit2.pdf - the manual on how to build it - has nice pics of above (bw though) and you can use them for texture bumps and pp them for color textures.

btw this is the Photopopper.

your bot needs bigger solar panel, but everything else looks good! also there is a large capacitor on the underside!

tell me if you need more references for other types of bots! :wink:

here is the sunseeker (sentinel bug) pdf:



use the image on page 8:

hope this helps! :wink:

so you liked it then? erm wheres the capacitor go? erm got any more pics of amber she’s a nice one thats goin in the game for sure.

sorry cant open pdf files :(.