WIP: Dark Elements

Figure that i should make my own WIP so that other people do not think i am just trying to rip off Shadowdale.

Link to original topic:

General Plot:
(Your characters name) , after college, has a apprenticeship with a biology professor, and has been working with him for several months. Recently, a new strain of virus has appeared in eastern spain, and you are heading out with the biology professor to assess the affects, and hopefully develop a cure. as you are heading out there (the professor went ahead) you head out on a back road, a tire pops, and your car swings out of control, and down a hill. that is were your journey starts…

It will be a third person action adventure, and the camera will rotate to an over-the-shoulder position for shoooting.

Other notes:
You will not start out with a gun (why would a college graduate have a gun in his car?)
It will also have other weapons suck as axes and picks.
You will not be able to hold an infinite amount of weapons, but no limit on the amount of ammo.

Yes, i have created (almost) all textures. Didn’t create the fern texture.
(I am still working on a realistic face texture.)

If anyone has any good dog or hair textures they are willing to offer, that would be great.

not bad its a good start keep up the great work.

Man I need to recalibrate my monitor aka I can’t see any of your pictures except…the character model’s silohette (sp) needs work and your gun is sweet. Keep the good work and us up-to-date.

I agree, as weapons axes and picks do suck. Aint gonna fight no huge macro virus nasty beast hordes with a measly pick!


On another note - some of your images are really dark. Might want to brighten them up a bit or add some contrast. It’s difficult to make them out.

Composition’s fantastic though!

So often someone will post here with “Hey, I’m making a game… um… why does everything go white when I hit P???”

Starting out with these postings shows that you’re already dedicated to producing a great game and have the skills to back it up! Look forward to seeing it develop!!!

Two good hair tuts:



  1. I like the gun, but watch the texture stretching on the back of it, you can’t really just slap a photograph on both sides and stretch the middle, because, keep in mind, the back part of it is what the player will probably see most often and consistantly.

  2. Your character’s head needs to be a bit taller, looks more than a tad squashed.

  3. You may want higher resolution tree textures for those pines in your game.

  4. Personally, I like the blackness and darkness, it seems desolate. Another angle, to make it feel really desolate and surreal, is to lighten up your fog to a dark grey, and under-saturate all your textures so that the whole scene has a kind of grey feel. They did this in the game Killzone and it worked spectaculary. What is nice about it is that when you do introduce a vibrant color, it REALLY catches people and can effect mood very aptly.

Brilliant start!

[quote=Ammusionist;748826]I agree, as weapons axes and picks do suck. [quote] that was actually a typo.

Your game makes me feel happy! Except for the gore :wink: .
The textures are at normal quality.
Will it contain much action?

Looking good so far! Don’t worry about it having a similar theme to my game, they look to be completely different games.

I enjoy reading other WIP threads as it often inspires me to push on with my own projects! If you need any advice on how to setup certain aspects of this type of gameplay, just drop me a line.