WIP Demon (once again)

well, this one started out as a badly done quick sculpt that I decided to do a re-topology on.
then re sculpt, turned out better, upper half of body I got done with texturing, character is rigged and halfway posed.
At the moment taking care of deformations on model and accessories, as well as details like buckles, landscape, weapons and damage.

By the way, I know he’s missing teeth, have not gotten around to that yet, just a matter of time.





M.V.H Sondre :spin:

note, pose and details are far from finished… for now. if you see something that bugs you, post it :smiley:

P.S Been so long since I’ve posted here, you could just as well say that this is the first time :evilgrin:

so, quick update…
finished with most modeling, only spear has a placeholder left…
texture is next after spear is done… :eek:

M.V.H Sondre :cool: