WIP: Dizzy Remake!

Think I’m just about far enough into my new project to start a work in progress thread on it now. As I’m a big fan of the old Dizzy series of games I thought this would be a good starting point in making a game of this scale. There’s also a thriving community making fan games based around the originals, so I’m aiming to add my piece to the collection :slight_smile:

Most of the code is already sorted, so I’m concentrating on quickly building up the map of the game. Once this is sorted I can see where I am performance wise and start polishing things up.

Screenshots so far…

  • Screenshot of the first section of the game, as seen from the camera.


  • Another section of the game. You need to avoid the bat which flies around the screen and watch out for the falling apples when passing under the tree!


  • 3D view of how the game will be setup. Objects will be texture mapped planes with a simple collision mesh mapped around them. This technique keeps the polygon counts at the low levels they need to be for the engine to handle the full scale of the game.


C&C is always welcome :yes:

Very, very cool!!! If your game plays well, it’ll put Blender on the map for a lot of Retro game makers!


I’m guessing you haven’t vertex painted yet.

But I like what I see so far. I look forward to the finished game.

Way to start a WIP thread! Looks good, I tried a 2d once, but I just got fed up with the alpha bugs.