WiP: Don't Spill

As this is my first post in this forum: Hello Everyone.

A few weeks ago I started working with Blender. After going through quite a few tutorials I decided it’s time to get on my first project. I’m basically just playing around with Blender’s features to see what they do.

Here is my first attempt. My main problem at the moment is the light. When I first rendered it with lights set up, the table and glass looked nice, but the water was more or less just grey. After setting up the next light source I got what you can see here. The water is ok now but the scene itself became to bright. But I will figure something out.

As I said, this is my first project, so any comments are welcome.


I don’t know if there are better workflows out there, but I usually decide what lightning I want first and then fix all materials, not the way around. So if you want a really right summer day, fix that light and then change the material to whatever setting makes it look proper and realistic. And then I do some small changes as my project goes along, but no big ones.

I think your problem would be easier to understand if you had post the earlier version aswell as the later one, an easy fix though would be to put the water on a seperate layer with its own lightning. But I would suggest posting your water settings aswell, maybe you dont have enough spec or reflection, or a gray background reflecting in the water… it could be alot of things.