WIP: Dragon(Updated)

(Anubis) #1

Hi All. This is my first post here. Started this today. Might even finish it in a few years. :wink:

Bigger now. :slight_smile:


(Enzoblue) #2

Whoa, nice start :slight_smile:

(BMD) #3

Great start!
Are you gonna worry about the smoothing of the verts later? That’s the only minus, and a small minus at that.


(valarking) #4

please upload BIGGER pictures please

(gr8hamster) #5

i like. me wanna see more! w/texture!

(S68) #6


Great start!

Now, the body :wink:


P.S. IMHO the rim of skin around horns is too ‘open’ too wide… I mean, I imagine it, as in deers and the like, to have skin closer to horn, somewhat like your nais and teeth…