WIP- Drum kit (bottom) new render

here is someting ive just started (another project lol) ive seen this guitar on google, cant remember what its called tho but anyway here it is, its still quite away from being finished but i need some crits on it :slight_smile:

it works woooohooo :smiley:


I can’t see the image :expressionless:

cant see it srry but il be watching liked your car and i like guitars

just some more renders…

im not to sure this guitar would be comfortable to play or hold lol

but it looks nice :stuck_out_tongue:


Can you render it with a white background please? It’s very difficult to see any details.

The design looks pretty funky though.


sure, here you go.


Thanks, that’s much better. Wicked design and modeling mate.

Good work.


another update added some things onto the body that allow the strings to curve up to and along the main body. also added an antique kind of wood material.

what do you’s think?

i also tried some DOF if photoshop its the first render!, crits welcome

the second render was an attempt at using post pro colour correction


another model now, the drums :smiley:

always wanted to play the drums, shame i aint got the space :frowning:

anyway crits needed, and no crits saying why are they floating i havent got round to making the stounds yet


The drums look pretty good so far, but they need a subsurf modifier adding. :wink:


another update, ive added material, although probably not finally materials. ive also added a foot pedal, a seat, symbols? (them golding things) and a sub surf modifier :wink:

crits welcome :wink:


I’m assuming you’re not a dummer? :wink:
Speaking from experiance, if I had to play on that set, I would:

  1. Move the crash cymbals a lot closer to the drums, make them overhang.
  2. Make it not symmetrical. That is the surest way to confuse yourself, and hit either the wrong drum, or no drum at all (believe me! :expressionless: )
  3. Make sure no drums are behind you if you can help it, and make sure you have room to move, drumming is not static in any way, shape, or form!

That’s all I see of the top of my head. Good luck with it, lookin good!

from another musician -

The drum heads usually have some sort of reinforcing spot in the middle to avoid stretching too quickly or dimpling. Also, I don’t know about most trapset players, but most of the trapsets I’ve ever seen have the white heads, sometimes clears on the tomtoms. I don’t know if it has to do with the polymer they’re made from or not…of course I’fe also seen some with reflective black heads too. Anyways, keep up the good work :wink:


i’m a pinstripe man myself

Yet another musician here 8)

All in all this is a good start. Here’s my 2 cents…

As far as the layout is concerned, the toms should be scaled progressively larger and deeper. The spacing between them should be minimal. This allows for smoother fills without large jumps from one tom to the next. Cymbals should also be scaled in the same fashon. Kick drums needs to be deeper, more like the floor toms.

Drum heads are a players preference. Most toms are either clear, pinstripe, or blackdots. Snare heads are normally a textured white, but also can incorporate pinstripes and blackdots. The texture allows for better sound when using brushes and the like. You will also find clear heads on marching snares. Most power toms have clear bottom heads and concert toms don’t have bottom heads at all. Check out some Remo heads for ideas.