[WIP] Dynamic Parent addon

This looks fantastic! I can’t wait :slight_smile:

this looks extremely useful!

Great work man! Thanks =)

Great work man! Can not wait to use it! =)

well this is a game changer, look forward to it, great stuff!

Ok wow, this is a great utility. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Now the addon can work with a bones. Thanks to Campbell Barton for help.


Bone support is great news! It was so tedious to do this kind of thing before, with how unpredictable multiple parent constraints and visual transform keys can be (at least for me).
Thank you for this add-on!

Any idea when it will be available for download?

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I hope in a day or two. With baking - in a week or so, no idea how long baking will take.

This looks very useful, thank you for sharing this work - I look forward to seeing this in action :smiley:

Wow, this will be very handy when doing animations. Can’t wait to test it.

That sounds great! Thanks!

Excellent, you can 'download already? where? TANKS :wink:

Here is very first public version of the addon. There is a lot of bugs for sure :yes: So be carefull!
Any bug reports are welcome!

dynamic_parent.zip (2.13 KB)

Here is a very first public version of the addon. I’m pretty sure there are a lot of bugs, so be careful! :yes:
Any bug reports are welcome!

dynamic_parent_015.zip (2.13 KB)

Thank you! I’ll try it and I 'll let you know.

Hi Cronk, thanks for sharing it! I really appreciate all the work you put into this. I tested it briefly and it worked nicely.

Only thing I found so far is an error if you try to disable the parenting after you selected the objects in the wrong order (first child, then parent). Perhaps you could catch that.

i may be using it completely wrong ( such is often the case) but it seem to connect the parent to the child rather than the other way. select child- shift select parent- enable dynamic. parent follows child.
also having multiple links seems to affect the global scale value somehow. connect object a to object b, move to object c. disconnect a from b connect a to c, move c- either:
object a moves away from c, or
both a+c get thrown into space.

also getting the same error report as minoribus above.

great work so far though will be an awesome addon once the bugs are worked out.

Really, really clever. And essential. Trunk!

Tested it again and found that it is really important in which order the objects are selected. One has to select the parent first before the child. But once I figured that out it was very easy to use :slight_smile:

It would be nice if it could be more tolerant to the wrong order. As Small Troll mentioned the opposite order of selection gives strange results. That happens also if you want to delete the parenting.

That said I want to say once again: fantastic work :slight_smile: