[WIP] Dynamic Parent addon

This looks very useful, thank you for sharing this work - I look forward to seeing this in action :smiley:

Wow, this will be very handy when doing animations. Can’t wait to test it.

That sounds great! Thanks!

Excellent, you can 'download already? where? TANKS :wink:

Here is very first public version of the addon. There is a lot of bugs for sure :yes: So be carefull!
Any bug reports are welcome!

dynamic_parent.zip (2.13 KB)

Here is a very first public version of the addon. I’m pretty sure there are a lot of bugs, so be careful! :yes:
Any bug reports are welcome!

dynamic_parent_015.zip (2.13 KB)

Thank you! I’ll try it and I 'll let you know.

Hi Cronk, thanks for sharing it! I really appreciate all the work you put into this. I tested it briefly and it worked nicely.

Only thing I found so far is an error if you try to disable the parenting after you selected the objects in the wrong order (first child, then parent). Perhaps you could catch that.

i may be using it completely wrong ( such is often the case) but it seem to connect the parent to the child rather than the other way. select child- shift select parent- enable dynamic. parent follows child.
also having multiple links seems to affect the global scale value somehow. connect object a to object b, move to object c. disconnect a from b connect a to c, move c- either:
object a moves away from c, or
both a+c get thrown into space.

also getting the same error report as minoribus above.

great work so far though will be an awesome addon once the bugs are worked out.

Really, really clever. And essential. Trunk!

Tested it again and found that it is really important in which order the objects are selected. One has to select the parent first before the child. But once I figured that out it was very easy to use :slight_smile:

It would be nice if it could be more tolerant to the wrong order. As Small Troll mentioned the opposite order of selection gives strange results. That happens also if you want to delete the parenting.

That said I want to say once again: fantastic work :slight_smile:

it seems the scale issue i was having came from having both the child and parent selected. de selecting the child before moving the parent is the correct way.still getting errors, like it wont allow to remove keyframes from the time line but you can still in the dope sheet. have to be very careful not to make mistakes during animation. i am thinking it may be sensible to do your mechanical animation first then do the thing last so you’re not confusing yourselves

I’ve been surprise that you have to select the child in last. It’s not the common way to parent object. Do you think you can change it?

Select parent first, child last. After that you can press Shift+Ctrl+C and add a Child Of constraint manually. That’s how blender works =)
The addon does just the same, but with some additional keyframes.
So right now i don’t have any plans to change selection order.

ADD: Think about it like you add constraint to the active object (last selected).

yes it is like using the targeted constraints menu, where you select the target last rather than using the parenting menu for regular parenting. once you get around that then things start work as they are designed to!

still haven’t used the armature bone parenting though will test that as soon as i have a rig to test it on :smiley:

OK Cronk, thanks! Anyway, it is easy to change in your script if my team really need to…

Great time saver.
Thanks for releasing it!

Same from me, thank you :slight_smile:

Hi, Roman. This addon is so useful, is there any public repo for it? I’m currently playing with it, and would like to track your updates.

For one, as animator I’d prefer selecting child first, then parent. That way we have the option to add the ChildOf constraint to multiple objects at once. The reason is it’s easier to track the last-selected (= active) object than the first one, to be the sole target for every other object’s ChildOf constraint.

Hey! =)
The addon is almost done, i’ll release it in a couple of days. I’ll post a link or addon itself in this thread.

About your request: I can’t (and don’t want actually) change selection order. It’s Blender function, not mine. As well as adding only one constraint. It’s impossible in Blender, so it’s impossible in my addon.
Well, of course it is possible to write a custom code to change selection order and be able to add several constraints at once, but, to be honest, it has no sense for me =) I can’t see any reason to do this huge pile of the work.