[WIP] Dynamic Parent addon

No, it’s not possible. When you disable DP, Blender calculate constraint transform matrix for child object. Since a constraint can have only one matrix, we have to create new constraint each time.

Hmmm, sounds like a bug. Share more info (and blend file if possible) about what you are doing.

What I was referring too with this portion was when you manually re-enable a child of, it cause the constrains location to be updated as if it was always a child of the bone it is constrained too, causing the snap somewhere else, apologies for my poor explanation

Really cool add-on!
Would be cool to move the add-on into the “n”-Sidebar. Its common for add-ons for Blender 2.8 and higher. Also, the add-on structure has changed a bit. The main file must be named “init.py” for newer Blender versions.

Brilliant work @Cronk , keep it up!

Yeah, will be fixed in few hours.

AFAIK that’s only for python package that is multi file addon. If I’m wrong, please share a link where “init” stuff described.


Brilliant, glad to see it’s continuing!

You’re right, that’s only necessary if there are several files. I was wrong there.

I forked it at GitHub, maybe my changes help a bit:

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I’ve released Dynamic Parent v1.0.0.
Sounds cool, but actually I just moved the addon panel to the N-panel and prepared the code for future changes.

Why is version 1.0.0 only now available?

Well, it’s simple.
First, I should released 1.0.0 few years ago - https://semver.org/#how-do-i-know-when-to-release-100
I realized that over the years, I received only one bug-report, which means that the code is quite stable =)
Secondly, in 2.0 I want to change the order of selection of objects - the parent object must be selected last. And implement work with multiple objects.

What’s next?

(Not in exact order)

  • Release version 1.1.0 with a pie menu.
  • Start working on 2.0
  • Create pages on Blendermarket and Gumroad. The addon will remain free, but if anyone wants to support me - welcome =)
  • Create a new thread on BA (or maybe not, your advice is needed). The [WIP] in the title of this thread is no longer relevant.
  • Collect all your suggestions in this thread and implement them =)



Hi Cronk,
Just wanted to say your addon really makes it a lot easier for animation that I just did a month ago.
A simple animation of some drones picking up “letters” and then let them go (in another video)
Nice to know you have new features coming.

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hey heads up, seems you messed up when uploading the most recent version - the addon is now in a folder in the archive instead of just in the archive, so it now has to be unpacked to install

Looks like you did something wrong.
I’ve just tested it (downloaded dynamic_parent_v1.0.0.zip and installed into Blender without unpacking). It works fine.
There is no folder in the zip (I’ve checked that too).

Yup, it works fine for me without unpacking it. Also, nice work on the addon. Very useful for me.

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Hi and thanks for this wonderful addon!
is it possible to set the interpolation mode to constant for the influence and the corresponding animation of the child object? the default now makes motion blur glitch on the frames where it switches parent.
No big deal actualy but just asking.
By doing so one could also redusing the keys made I guess, but I havent rely thought it through.


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That’s possible for sure. Will do it in the next few days.

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