WIP- earth scene #1 animation

WIP- earth scene #1 animation for unknown story…


Please tell me what you think! Thanks! (Yes DIVX CODEC is required to view this animation.) It is about 16 seconds long. About 1.27 MB.

By the way, I have a question… with a halo flare, how do you make the lines rotate randomly or similar to randomly to make the light flare look more realistic in Blender?

Not bad :slight_smile:

From frame 210 to frame 220 you see the sun through the earth, which is not cool :slight_smile:

Atmosphere is too blue, to thick and too evident IMHO, maybe more pale and more alpha?

For the flares, they lye on the line joining the flare emitter and the center of the view, so if the sun is EXACTLY moving on a line at the center of the scene they are hoplessly struck. try moving/tilting a little the camera.

For the halo lines I don’t know, but you might try to play with the Material IPOs.

Good luck


Very effective dreammaster… I like the pan from the “starlike” planetary lights to the actual stars…

The panning movement was quite smooth and didn’t seem rushed or overtly long… nice camera work.

The color scheme in the piece is also great… very vibrant… the best form of eye candy I’ve seen today. Kudos on a job well done… I hope we’ll see more of your work posted.