WIP - Exterior scene


How do I make my trees darker as they seem to be a bit lighter than the building? Does anyone have any good tips for better grass and asphalt? Apart from that any comments? Does anyone think im getting a realistic image here?




This is looking good so far.

You could try using hair particles for the grass


I always just decrease “Reflection” in materials in shaders. :wink:

The patterning of the brick bothers me the most. Also the building looks like it is sitting on a plane. Try adding a terrain element to make the ground not so perfect. It looks like your tree leaves need the preMul button turned on for their texture, they are kind of frosty looking.

I would add anangular map of a sky, turn on AO and use the sky color, not plain for the lighting option.

Also, consider placing the camera where a real person would be. This is how we, as people, most often view architecture so we can relate to the view more easily when it is from our perspective.