WIP: Eye Drops

Hi, all. I’m posting a render and a wire-frame image for any input regarding topology & materials. I’m happy to share the blend file if needed.

There’s a section near the neck of the bottle that doesn’t have a good polygon flow. I’ve tried moving vertexes & edges around with gg. But so far I’m not satisfied. There’s a problem moving from the circular form of the neck into the dynamic ellipse formed at the base.

I have some past experience in Lightwave, where I would have used a spline cage to make this and perhaps eliminate the poly flow issue. But that would not help me learn how to fix this.

Constructive input is welcome.


Large render available in a gallery here: http://www.spectre-garden.com/blog/?page_id=54


My initial bottle shape was made from a curve, forming half of the bottom ellipse shape.
Per my first post above, asking for help, you can see that extruding the bottle upward to a cylindrical neck just didn’t make it easy.

It seems I was over-complicating this. I started fresh with a cylinder and scaled it for height, deleted 3/4 of the verts and used the mirror modifier to handle the remaining 1/4 of the mesh. It was a snap to rebuild and get the desired shape and simple poly flow.

-redid bottle
-improved texture
-modified on materials (not looking ideal yet)
-changed composition for additional model

-nail down the material for the plastic bottle and the liquid solution
-model removable cap with threads & dropper
-model reading glasses


Large render here: http://www.spectre-garden.com/blog/?page_id=54

If possible please share any pointers or suggestions with composition, color, materials, etc.
Thank you.