WIP fanwork tog

greeting. I am doing a very slow fanwork-video for tog (tower of god)
What i want make is the entrancehall of the tower.
plan is to make 32 sided Hall (round; every side has a picture (8*fight; comunity; building; enviourment)).
For every side should have a 10 seconds video that show a event that the last picture will be projected onto the wall. (alias you learn a little bit more about the picture)
the first picture show:

where i see problems are
-the armor that looks a little bit to clean

  • the wall has a little bit to less depth. (the depth came from the material-displace where in my view i put allread low. would subdivide help?)
  • the chance of the both colors of head of the eal should go in a saw mode, but don’t know how i should do it.

I hope some of you can help me with my problems and ofcourse thanks for the intrest.](https://picload.org/view/drdpwpwi/fanwork_steelshark_001.jpg.html)

small update of my project. Have 10 seconds video uploaded