WIP FD P Tower - Game Asset


I was recently inspired by the latest Star Wars movie (I liked it :-)) and created a laser tower from The Empire Strikes Back movie.

The model is intended for any game engine with a Metal/Roughness PBR material capability. It was created using Blender 3D and textured with a combination of Substance Designer, Inkscape and Mari. The model has 9796 verts and 12164 tris as reported by Unity3D.

Any suggestions for improvements much appreciated.


It looks great, although there’s a bit of a mismatch on the weathering for some parts.

Thanks. What parts are you noticing are a bit off?

Well the mount holding the dish looks almost new and almost plastic-like. Below that the clean pivoting base suddenly gets corroded. Likewise, the matrix-like panels on the dish look new, whereas the dish itself is grungy. To me it just seems a little inconsistent. But it could be written off as repaired components.

Hi rjshae. Thanks for clarifying. I think I should iterate on the weathering and see if I can make it more integrated.