WIP female back and leg. How am I doing ?


I really like the reference pic :stuck_out_tongue: lol

sorry, but I rally like it at the moment, but cant wait to see it in 3d or somthing :slight_smile:

Well, well… Al_Capone modelling a naked woman. Who saw that coming?

Are you sure that’s not a guy? Maybe she should see a doctor, lol.

Anyway, model is looking ok so far. You seem to be following the curvature of the model. Maybe you would find it easier making it symmetric? That way each side reflects the changes.

symmetric ?? I will get around to a guy, so don’t sweat it. :wink:

I think he means make one half of the body and mirror it and join the 2 pieces together, but DONT make it too symmetric as natrual/organic things are never really symmetrical.

I think that would be too confusing to me, maybe when I have most of it.

Here’s an update, that is starting to take shape, Next I’ll work and import the happy place, then start on the side.

too early to tell…a tip: you could use either a circle or cylinder for the legs, modify the shape…etc, saves you some time…

Ok, I’m working on the happy place, not sure if it’s really correct, need to do some more research, anyways, how does it look ?

WARNING: not work safe

what the hell is that?! I think I know what it’s supposed to be but it doesn’t look anatomicly correct…doesn’t even look like it belongs to a human being!
Sorry if I’m too harsh…


Well, that’s a great tutorial. Bookmarked.

doesn’t even look like it belongs to a human being

Well, I’m sorry, but I have to agree. What is it?

Al, :stuck_out_tongue: that looks nothing like the happy place. Save it for last. There’s a lot of reference images on the happy place on the web, availible for free for only $4.99!

that’s close to the last place you need to worry about modeling. get the entire body in and then worry about things like that. I rate it in importance slightly under that of eyebrows…

…so which is it? free or $4.99?

You mean you did some research already? :o Who or what did you look at? Are you talking about the same happy place that I think we’re all thinking about? If so, that’s nowhere near. Have you ever seen a naked woman before?

Like the others have said, leave it until last because after all, it’s just an orifice so once you get your faceloops on the body worked out, making a hole is not that big a deal and then adding the details is much easier.

Also, it seems the fact that you’ve made ‘the happy place’ so soon suggests you might want the model to have a sexual quality to it. Just try to keep it non-sexual, there are children present. :wink:

No that has nothing to do with it, I mean people model teeth where it could be just a curve plane. Don’t they ? I’m hoping I’m not looking at a trangender model :-?

google images :smiley:

I agree with the others… not only is it not really important on a 3d model (unless you’re making one of those weird 3d porn games i hear about), but … ah, lost my train of thought.

Ok, ok but the great one told me to do the small and detail things first. So that’s what I’m doing.

I think you got to ask yourself “why do I need an ultra-detailed part of the female body that is only seen mostly during sex?” long question…anyhow, what do you plan to do with the model once done? And as everyone said, focus on the parts that you see the most(ie the face, eyes, breasts, etc)…unless you got a weird 3d-porn job… :-?