WIP female back and leg. How am I doing ?

You saying the makehuman plug-in is for porn ?

no. we’re saying make the basic, preferably simple understructure first and then add in all of the localized detail afterwards to make it more believable. It’s the same when you do a painting, you want to work the entire canvas over at the same time so you gradually progress to higher detail over the entire piece at once. The analogy obviously excludes fresco and a few others but you get my point. Get a solid, realistic looking body down and then you can model all of the obscure parts that noone will ever see, like in between the toes…

I’ll try, but not sure how easy it will be to put in.

No I didn’t :P.

LOL, I knew there was something fishy about ‘her’.

Trust me, it’s much easier doing it last. I am working on a female right now and believe me, you’ll have a tough enough time with the face that you won’t even think about.

I know I said I shouldn’t but I did, here’s an update, any comment.

WARNING: not work safe

Here’s an update, don’t feel too well if the sides, it looks square for some reasion


well duh, you aren’t following the image on the sides, and are you using the profile from the side to model also?
other than that you just need to add more work, then you can correct the aesthetics.

Cut me some slack, this is the first time I’m doing this by the book or web or whatever you want to call it.