WIP Female Elf Character

Hey all, i haven’t started a thread here and i was actually gonna wait till i have something better or more XD but there are many things wrong at this model i am making for my small game that i’m working on and i’m not gonna work on this fast XD just a not rushed project but the model isn’t really good because i haven’t touched blender in a month or even more then one month because of school tests and so on, well actually that isn’t a good excuse but ah well yea :stuck_out_tongue:

well basicly my game is gonna be not original (i know, i’m a hypocrite :yes:) it’s about elves and so on, haven’t really finished the small story, but why i’m posting this is because i ask you guys (and girls) to find all the flaws in my model, it isn’t finished, she still needs shoes and armor. Yes as i said there are allot of flaws in my model but i am sure you guys will find more :confused: and yes there are too much polys, i’m sure it can be reduced. right now it is 2139 XD

I wan’t to hear ALL your comments as rude as they might be.
well it seems i have done something wrong so i can’t render anything… or it is my pc well ill get some pics tommorow in the morning.

EDIT: now i have pics, don’t mind the background XD some of the details are gone at the pics but in the game engine they are seen (it is gonna be in glsl btw) and sorry for the big images.




any screenshots would be nice… :slight_smile:

ye, i know, but if u read the whole text, you would have seen that i wrote that i’m having problems with rendering, ill try solve the problem tommorow and then ill have pics. sorry.

EDIT: pics are above

no other comments?

ps: how do you change the name of your thread?

Sorry for double post but i have improved the armpit, if you look there you can see there was something weird but now it has been improved (it still doesn’t look right according to me).

I have also tried to make hair for the first time, i never even tried to do it before, i don’t really like the result, ill probably redo it.

so here is the pic:


Ok, I don’t know why you show cropped renders, but, you really should do screen shots:
In windows, you press the first extreme top right button, “Print Screen” then you open any image editing software and just paste, the image will appear.
We need what you have on editor window,…I mean the whole character, and wireframe.
So far your model is acceptable.

oh, sorry, ill change that, ill edit the pics above.

If your model is not rigged yet, having to arms a bit opened up helps paint weights. It would be nice to see the wireframe. For what I can see, you model looks like a low poly with plenty of polies (meaning extra unnecessary polygons for low detail). You should use polygons sparingly, add only when necessary. Not only you work faster, but your model will be optimized. I advise you not to use subsurf modifier, if your model is for gaming.

What do u mean?

Yea i know XD i’m going to reduce the amount of polies allot.

Well yea my model is for gaming but i didn’t use subsurf modifier.
(and don’t say i’m wrong because i checked it and it has no subsurf)

thanks for reply.

What do u mean?

It means does it have bones(armature)?
I see that it doesn’t!
When you add an armature, the arms will give you a headache, polygons too close together tend to ‘attach’ to the same bone, so the ribs will follow the arms… to remove that, you will have the paint the bone’s weight on the mesh, and the arm pit is a problematic area.
A good way to reduce polys is to join edges, by using ‘slide edge’ [press ctrl+ E on edit mode with a loop of edges chosen] then removing doubles on vertex mode.

Oh thanks for respond, but i have enough space between the arm and the ribs to weightpaint the armpit without to many problems (and i have some experience with that XD)

I am now busy with reducing the polycount and for the moment it came from 2139polies and it is now 1727 with still the same “quality” and i can i think reduce it with another 100 polies.

All I can see are that the shoulders are too straight…make them more relaxed and not so manly. Might want to make them not so wide…to make the female elf look more female. Also…hair looks like shit :wink:

ye i know :o but it was my first time and a test so with some more trys ill get there
(i hope :eek:)

oh, thank you so much for saying that, i didn’t noticed that at all. :no:

I suggest you try to extrude faces from the head…and then form them into a haircut. That way it looks more natural. You can add alpha faces if necessary too. But it’s important you can see the hair is stuck to the scalp.

Looks cool so far. The shoulders look awful broad, and she has thunder thighs.

ok, ill try that, if it doesn’t looks bad XD i will post it later.


yea, i just realised that :yes:

it looks nice so far,it just needs some tweaks here and there and thats all ,ready to be rigged ^^
Keep it up bro :smiley:
il be expecting more updates and nice model btw !
All the best,

thanks but what should i do first? rigging and then the armor or first the armor and then rigging?
I think first the armor but i just want to be sure.:o

I would recommend doing any clothing items first, otherwise you’re going to have to rerig to some extent.

ok, thank you