WIP: Female face with reference

Any suggestions ? Note that the side is off for some reason, scaling it in the background doesn’t really help that much


I would just keep going on it. It will become more obvious what tweaks are need as you go. Kind oof hard to picture as a whole right now.

The vertex are ok ?

I’m no where near facial work yet but I found this webpage pretty informative/interesting and bookmarked it for future reference. It’s some research about the topology of a face.



Yes interesting, I’m worry about going further because I fear it may get more crowded as I go :smiley: toward :smiley: the top of the head, note, I’m trying to keep the mesh as uniform as possible, I’m hoping I can make it without any triangles.

Nice looking female. The mesh looks good too. :smiley:

When modeling faces, almost people use too much subsurf( I’ve got this lazy problem myself you know!)! If you want to obtain better results you should try to model your character without SubS first THEN smooth it with .

If you are using subsurf then try to create only quads and avoid triangles. The subsurf algorithm handles quads far better. Triangles can sometimes lead to odd results.

I’m trying my best to stay away from triangles, now that I got some positive input, I’ll continue with the face, thanks for the comment.

Here’s an update, it doesn’t feel right for some reason, any suggestion ?


Well for starters the nose looks a bit too big according to the reference. :wink:

how do you do that…that you can work with an image background?

In your 3d window pane select View -> Background image. A dialogue will appear in your 3d pane. There’s a button for “background image”. Select this. Now you need an image. Under the background image button you just pushed is “Image: [folder icon]”. Select the folder icon. You will see a file section window appear. Choose your background image, and push the “select image” button (or middle mouse click). You should see a background image. Experiment with the blend slider. Notice how it makes your image bold and fade. The X and Y offsets help you position your image relative to the center of the grid.

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You’re using photo reference, you’re tracing the contour in front and side profile. Very good. Previousely I’ve seen where you only wanted to lay out all verts in a single view and then place them in side view. Your results are much more 3 dimensional this time. Very good. Now you can start to focus on detail.

I would sugest worrying about the features of the face before attempting to fill in the less featured areas. You’ll find it easier to design your geometry if you start at the eyes and mouth. Let your edgeloops radiate outward from there.

You need more polys on your nose. Subsurf is not a magic bullet.

Also, select all verts and hit the “set smooth” button in your edit tools. That will render your material smooth instead of faceted…

You mean I have to redo the face :frowning: Should the nose be the first to work on ? I’m trying to go by a tutorial on this forum, however It’s not that detail. I made the nose smaller, but how or where should the detail be on the nose.

Ok, now that the autosmooth is on, any suggestions ? How’s the Superman and Superbabe model doing ?