WIP female face

I’m attempting to create another female face, however this time I would like to do it right, I’m trying to keep the mesh as uniform as possibly and trying to get the right structure for a female face. I know they have high cheek bones, but they are hard to model as well as the lower jaw and chin, can anyone help me along/out ?


From what I can see and understand from your pics, you have chosen a kinda “difficult” modeling method to model the face…

That is because you are attempting to do it from “scratch” and by memory…


Use some good reference pictures…

If you do, you’ll find out that by adding and moving vertices, everything is going to come along, nicely…

That’s just my opinion ofcourse…

I agree, if your not using references, get some. We all know how bad things can turn out without references (like my first face). I am still working on faces/heads in general, and I never start without references or some idea of where I want to go.

Even if you have only a front view or a quick sketch of what you want, its possible to form the face quite effectively.

Also, from the looks of it, you aren’t using edgeloops. It may be preaching to the choir, but take a look at TorQ’s face modelling tutorial. It will cut your general modelling time down quite a bit. It also makes it a whole lot easier tweak things like the cheekbones.

I think though, if you want to stick with this method, then it would be wisest to use references as said above.

Ok, so I should use both reference and the torQ tutorial ? Anyone can hand me a high reference face model ?

Now if I do it this would I be able to edit it to fit any female face structure ?

Well as always, you should find a reference close to what you want. The closer it is, the less tweaking you have to do. But yes, I suppose that its feasible to make the structure you want from any reference. It may just take a whole lot more work. As for references do a google search or http://www.fineart.sk should have something, depending on what you want.

ok, I found one large image of a front face, would that do it ?

Here’s some photo refs I almost used (and maybe I will someday) of Gwen Stefani’s face. She has a gorgeous face I nearly used on a mesh.

Feel free to use this if you wish. Place this in the background of your front and side 3d views. It’s better to follow the form of an image than to work from nothing.


This can be done with any front and side views of a person. The straighter the views, the better the results.

I found a good straight on pic and side profile, and using photo manipulation software (Gimp, but you can use photoshop or whatever) line as many of the features up as posilble. Use guidelines.


First I made sure her face in the front view was straight. I rotated her head about 5 degrees so the verticle line ran down the center of her forehead, nose, lips, and chin. Then I drag horizontal guide lines to help align her features in the side view. Rotate the side view until as many features line up with the guides as possible.

This side by side of Gwen is pretty good. If I were to actually build this I’d need to fudge a few things. Her mouth is relaxed in one view, and in a half smile in the other. Her eyes have different expressions. I couldn’t get the ears to line up, so I would pick a happy medium.

Theoretically, yes. You can recycle good topography as much as you want. The meshes that were done for Final Fantasy all were done with the same topography, simply re-shaped.

Yes, very nice, but as you can see I already had started, how am I doing so far, any changes I need to make ?

You know, the first method I choose wasn’t that bad, what you think ?


From the one picture it looks like you’re off to a better start with your second effort.

well, I would like to finish the torQ method, for learning experience

A tip: a face should not be flat. Yours appears to be. A head is somewhat like a balloon, on which the face is UV-textured :slight_smile:

No, this one wasn’t done with torQ method, please go to the “WIP another female face” topic to comment on that. The furthest I gotten is what you see at the top.

Maybe you should check that tut out, and pay more attention to the side view.

but that’s just it, this model didn’t came with a side view, you saying some of the bottom ones are in the wroung place ?

I’m saying nearly all of them are out of place. You have them right on the x and z axis’ but you’re failing to get the depth correct on the y axis. That is why it looks flat. Just look at the tut, you don’t need to have a reference of that specific person to get it nearly correct, just a person… you need to figure out how deep to put those vertices.

Yes, I’m aware of the side view, but I would like to make sure if the front is correct first, if you get my drift.

… the front is correct, as I just said, more or less.

You need to correctly position the vertices on the Y axis (in side or top view) to fix it. You’re working in 3 dimensions, don’t just focus on two.

Your face appears to be terribly flat from side view, try using a side view for vertex displacement!