[WIP] "Final Destiny" animation

A blender short animation. All I can say for now is that it’s all gonna be happening in THE room :stuck_out_tongue:

Rendered with Internal Blender 2.5 engine

Here’s a first wallpaper:


Looks pretty decent so far. It’s way too blurry though.

yeah you’re right :confused: i added too much halo

Maybe now is better :smiley:


Hmm, i liked the colors much better in the first one, but this one is less blurry.

I liked the colors more in the first one as well. Maybe make it a little more orange even. Orange compliments the blue of the night sky and it’s believable coming from an incandecent light bulb. You should remove the post-blur effect entirely. Add glows only around the light sources and make sure the glow around the moon doesn’t extend above the window sill. I like the vignette, but I think it would look better if it was much more subtle. Increase the contrast in the lighting a little and raise the exposure.

How about now ? :rolleyes:


Ah much better, now fill the room up, it is kinda empty. Oh and usually the bedroom floor is carpeted in stead of having the wood floor, which is more for a living room/family room/dining room…

Much better. I like it.
+1 for what DDD said.
I like the glow you had around the moon, it just shouldn’t be “in front” of the windowsill.
I assume you’re using a sill image for the space/moon. Are you using blender for the comp? If so, then take the background image, blur it, and then add that to a non-blurred copy and connect the output of that to the final scene. That way the window sill will be in front of the glow.

Are you using the compositor?
If so, i made a tut on glow: http://vimeo.com/13322805
And another on how to combine parts of your scene using render-layers: http://vimeo.com/13508778 (better than pass indices.) – useful for blurring the moon, and leaving it in the background. :wink:

If it is a still, do what asano said, blur image an then just do an alpha over node. with the rest of the scene.

also, some blurriness is caused by your jpeg artifacts, try using png instead :slight_smile:

thx all for your critics :smiley:

@Asano: Actually the moon is an object in the scene, so I’ll try blurring it using renderlayers
@DDD: I’ll check those tutorials right away :slight_smile:
@bojo600: This is a png picture, but when i upload it to blenderartists it’s converted to a compressed jpg :confused:

try going to imageshack.us and uploading it there (it’s free), then get the direct link and post it here