WIP - first attempt at female body (nude)

(Waffler) #1

Here is my first attempt at making a nude female body. I’ve seen other people’s nudes, so I decided to try. Anyhow, an artist just isn’t an artist without some experience with human anatomy, right? Personally I always liked a softer look with people. It seems as though most people make very lean, cut, and buff bodies, but I’ve always thought that slightly chubby is more apealing. Please tell me what you think.

www.geocities.com/cheesesquid/body_lo.avi 97 kb
www.geocities.com/cheesesquid/body_hi.avi 226 kb

These animations need the intel indeo codex … I think.

(BgDM) #2

First off, welcome to the world of Blender!

Second of all, WOW!!! Nice job there Waffler. Only crit I can see is the knees look a little off, but other than that, well done indeed!

Waiting to see the rest of this one.


(Waffler) #3

I see what you mean with the knees. They look a little better now, because before they might have seemed somewhat squared off and too noticable. Thanks.

(pofo) #4

Guess, you’re right 'bout that. It’s good I’m not aspiring for the title of ‘artist’ since I haven’t got too much experience with anatomy (yep, still single).

Hope that goes for doctors too :slight_smile:

Oh, almost forgot, good work. Keep at it and you’ll be an artist in no time.

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