Wip: flyer

Since I am getting surgery on the 7th I am going to be out of a job for a month, I already put in my two weeks notice since when I did come back to work it would only be for like a month and 1/2. so I figured I just do some advertising on webdesign in my community back home.


really ruff, but you get the idea, a hot chick learning on the little guy. Sex appeal added to help the little guy sell, except in my case its web design.

But since my webstie is Sutabi’s Workshop, I dont know if I should put that in the flyer since its not legally a business.

Lol! Really creative idea. It will definately grab attention.


PS I hope everything goes well with your surgery.


here an update, I am goning for one more redraw, anything in here you think should be fixed?

hey this is looking really good only thing that catches my eye is her left leg (our right)


uhhh whats wrong with it? foot rotatation doesn’t match leg rotation?

It looks kind of like her ankle is huge.

to me it looks like the little guy couldn’t hold that pose… and they would fall down.