Wip for a robot...

Two days ago, I spoke with BgDM about a robot who was supposed to hoovering on the floor but, as always, The modelling process took me elsewhere… here’s the result:

First of all, let me be the first to welcome you back here! Good to see you posting again. :smiley:

Now, that robot sure as heck doesn’t look like is will be floating. :o Nice start though. So what do you have planned for the upper part? A huge head with real tiny arms? :wink:


Wikid. As of now, it looks like some kind of infiltration device- its the skin-and-bones appearence that does it :stuck_out_tongue: . Are the legs made of wood? The texturing makes it look that way.


Im totally digging those wood legs. Thats too cool, its like a hand-made robot.

Wow that looks deadly! I tihnk it would make a good gaurd bot. Maybe hide one of those in the Saskatoonberry bush outside :wink:

can’t wait to see the upper half, although maybe all it needs is a small sensor array. i’m not sure it would need mcuh more. great idea the wooden legs!

Nice :slight_smile:

Like materials and modelling
and the cool overall design… can I criticize on the statics of that?

Looks like each leg has two joints. The only visible constrain/control looks a metal wire starting top of the outher leg part, passing through a ‘weel’ like thing middle of inner leg part and going to the body, right?

Well, wires resist to traction (ends are pulled apart) not to compression (edged are pushed one toward the other) but as that wire is set both sections (before and after the central wheel) are compressed :o

It would collaps to the ground.


Well, glad to hear about all your feelings, folks!
For BgDM: I don’t know for the rest of the body, but I think it’s gonna be a chest with a head that’s still to define but maybe no arms at all, wait and see…

For S68: I’m not surprised by your sense of “technical reality” cause if I don’t make a mistake you’re in technical engineering so your remarks are always wise in this sense

For the others that I don’t know, thanks for the remarks but I think I’m gonna change the “wooden” texture cause it was not the first goal!

for a next version, bye