WIP for Greed, Weekend Challenge #129

Here’s my latest work for the Weekend Challenge. The theme is “Greed”:


Still need to add
Homeless person in the box
Chicken (for his hand and bucket)
Manhole cover
Tops to the trashcans
Odd bits and details to the walls
And probably some wires into the windows, to give them a reinforced look

If any one has suggestions, sock 'em to me. The “Bubba” model is rigged, so I’ll release him to the public for future Animation Challenges and the like.

Uhuh, at least someone is also taking into account the “glutonery” meaning of greed :wink: Nice job so far :smiley: The mouth of the man is maybe a little square.
(and he need hairs on his belly, mwahahahahaaaa :Z )

Well, I’m getting pretty much skunked in the wc voting, but I think I’ll keep working on this, just to improve my skills (and because Bubba there really freaks me out):


Any additional comments and suggestions are appreciated.

I still need to add hairs, moles, etc. to the guy :wink: