WIP for the Mini-Game Contest - Shooting Gallery

Finally got around to starting my game. A Shooting Gallery!

Managed to get basic gameplay up and working on the first day of blending, after doing some initial concepts. Everything here is subject to change though. The final game will most likely look quite different to this.


:smiley: Lookin’ good!

it looks Good indeed :slight_smile:

Is this going to be like that Arcade classic “Carnival”?
can’t wait to play it! :smiley:

Oh a shooting gallery game, looks very good so far Andy83!
( I should get screens of my mini-game up too soon! )

Looks nice Andy83, I can see I’m going to have to work harder! :smiley:

BTW Lagan, I was thinking of using your water script in my entry, hope you don’t mind!


I’ve never played that, but this game is based on similar games you can play at carnivals :slight_smile:

Thanks for the encouragement so far everyone who’s replied! Here’s an update:


I’ve actually almost finished everything I originally planned, so once I’ve done a few final things I’ll either release it way before the deadline, or think of something new to add.

hhhmm looks good andy :P. maby you could add a realtime background? have it so when you shoot one of the coin things it comes up at the top? have a zoom zcope lol? maby erm… nah im out of ideas there andy.

Andy83, you have to play “Carnival” that game if you get a chance you
can get some cool ideas from it, I think it was one of the first games
that Atari ever released in the Arcade genre, it’s 2d but it’s awesome,
I believe if you have the “Mame”(freeware) program you can find it in the web and play it(actually you can play almost every arcade game evermade with that program, if you find the roms) :smiley:

yea u can :P. altho ive never played carnival weird. and its an emulator ;).

Probably my final update before release…

This is pretty much the final design. All that’s left to do is add a few more sounds in places, adjust some textures, and tweak the programming for optimal gameplay conditions.


Looking good! :wink: