WIP for WC: Music for the Eyes*(now in FinishedProducts)

This is my start for the WC: Music. I realise there is still alot of empty space to fill. I will update it as I go.

bump. (update)

woah! that rocks!! no cirts from me, except its pretty dark, and theres no real center peice to speak of. not that there has to be, of course :slight_smile:

You’re right. It is a bit dark. Thanks for pointing that out. I’m going to put some more objects in to fill it out though, so it should have more of a focus to it eventually.

Here is where I’m at so far. Getting there. I lightened up the foreground birds wingtip, because it was driving me bananas, and added some other stuff to help give the impression of time passing. I am thinking about adding some timepieces.

Don’t put timepieces, this stands good by itself. A tiempiece would cliche’ it too much. Nice mixy moody artwork. :slight_smile:

wicked, this is a very photshop esque picture. youre really going to town on this one, i like it :smiley:

Thanks guys. I decided not to mess with it, GIMPed it and stuck it on the fridge.

How about putting another bird? Not in the front, but very in the back (just enough to barely see it).

Wow dude, you really wanna win this week, don’t you?

Too late. I already put it up. :smiley: