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Hello. I have been using these forums for awhile to guide me through blender, and now I finally joined to ask for assistance.

I am working on a First person RPG because I can’t model a body. >_<
anyways I have a sword. I can draw it, sheath it, and do an attack. what I want to know is if I can restrict it to only perform the attack ipo while the sword is drawn. or do a different attack ipo while it is sheathed?

I would like to keep this simple and use logic blocks if possible.

PS is it odd that a new mac with 3 gigs of Ram lags on a render that my shitty 256 Ram laptop at home renders smoothly?

welcome to BA :smiley:

i’d say this is sa pretty easy fix. For simplicity, let’s say d is draw, s is sheath, and a is attack.

Make a boolean (true or false :D) property called ‘drawn?’. now, make it so that when d is pressed, not only does it draw the sword, but also assigns the property ‘drawn?’ to ‘True’.

Now, set up bricks to make it so that when you press a AND 'drawn?" = True >>>>> play attack animation.

hope that helps :smiley: (o ya, and when he sheats it, make ‘drawn?’ false.)

thank you for the quick reply I will try this when I get home tonight. which won’t be for about 9 hours =____=

Well I think I missed something. I tried to do as you said, but it still will attack while sheathed, and it will only sheath not draw.

space is draw/seath
LMB is attack
I am posting a screenshot of the logic blocks

double post…
can anyone help?

You need to setup and expression

Mouse Click_______Expression: Drawn == True______IPO: Attack
Mouse Click_______Expression: Drawn == False____IPO: DrawSword
____________________________________________Property: Drawn = True

Hope this made it clear =]

nope I am still lost but that is just me not the explination. are those suposed o be double equal signs? and am I supposed to change the value each time I draw and sheath the sword?