[WIP] FPS - Escape from Enemy Lines

Hi. I work when i have time on a simple FPS game, now i work on the story in computer graphic: http://www.izedesign.it/wip/fln_m1.rar [XviD Codec][6Mb][2:10Minute]
But i have already made a test in game engine, it’s full of error, but in the next version of my game I will correct all…
If you want try it download it: http://www.izedesign.it/zielangriff/zielangriff.rar [11,4Mb]
sorry but i haven’t time to translate it… the next version will make with 2 language.
The key is:
A,S,D,W” for move, MOUSE for rotate the camera, LEFT BUTTON MOUSE for shoot (The gun is a semi-automatic gun), RIGHT BUTTON MOUSE for View, SHIFT+W for run, SPACE for jump. In menu press first ENTER and second SPACE. Near the house press F


according to the screenshot
it seems to be good .

Good Luck :slight_smile:

Don’t want this to die…

I tried it out, the sounds were great, but when I was actually trying to play, the frames per second went horrible, and made it impossible to play, I think this is because I’m using a pentium 3 though :(.

The screens do look great though :slight_smile:

ok the fame runs fine for me except when i was in the forest place and there was major alpha bug happening…

i have an (athlon XP [email protected] ghz;768 mb ram;radeon 9200 graphics)
the game looks good but i dont really like the peoples faces they totally dont match the game.

but it was fun shooting my people cause they went aauugh