WIP from a mud monster

(monocult) #1

this is a early WIP from a mud monster i am working on


comment’s ?

(VelikM) #2

Ugly little sucker. :o Nice hair.

(S68) #3

Yes very nice hair,

nice skin too

Eyes looks a little like painted, flat… can’t explain…


(Idgas) #4

wow nice hair how did you do that??? :o

(monocult) #5

thanks a lot

I create the hair with RipSting Fiber Script (great work RipSting but blender 2.25 can not render animations :frowning: but 2.23 do it :slight_smile: )

you can download it at


(Bapsis) #6

WOW!!! :o

That is awesome work, i feel like im just repeating the others, but damn that hair looks great. I just downloaded the script, thanks for letting us in on your little secret!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(stephen2002) #7

looking pretty good. There is some texture streaching in the mouth. Also, he looks more like a stone monster than mud. If they guy comes out of the mud…why would his hair be all poofy?