WIP from interior tutorial

wip from Create a Modern Interior by CG Geek tutorial. it’s been somewhat intensive so just want to share my progress. Struggling with following along on part 6-7 cause they are doing materials and using 2.79 principled shader and for annoying reasons I I still have 2.78.

Are you willing to test appleseed render in your scene?

Oh I have never rendered in it. Is it good?

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Ha! I saw that video and wanted to do it as an exercise too.
Nice. Is archviz something you want professionally or toying with Blender?

What is Appleseed??

I want to be an environment artist, but have been slowly getting into it. Want to get into it more seriously now. I love this tutorial because of how deeply they do it and the quality of the output. But it is a big commitment of time being 7 videos long, some as long as an hour. But I feel it’s worth it and is great that it’s such good quality. But still need to get the thing textured…

It is going very well! I saw the tutorial and in did it goes very deep! keep it up!

@SandraDau @csimeon appleseed is an open source production renderer designed for vfx and animation but it is equally capable of rendering interiors. We just released a new version of the core renderer and of the Blender plugin.

Check out https://appleseedhq.net/ for details!

Nice work. I liked seeing those 7 tutorial videos on youtube.

Its the waxy floor material that I want to have on my renders. I wonder how that can be done.
See the design reference images here:

Maybe this would be a good cycles material for the floor. Maybe replace the wood image
with some other texture.

Thanks @david57 for the material tutorial. I did just get the blender 2.79 so i will be able to complete the tutorial. kind of stopped because not having the new PBR shader, but now i should
I don’t know how to get that waxy look just like that. it’s a very interesting look though.
@Franz I do want to check out different renderers to see if I can get better render results and just haven’t gotten around to it yet, but will try to check this one out soon.
@Tonatiuh Thanks again for your positive feedback, always great to hear from you.

Been feeling tired and have been really itching to post something even though I haven’t completed much, so I am posting WIP stuff.
am working on ChamferZone tutorials starting with this blade. I just got Substance Painter a month ago so been trying to learn that as well, though my results are laughable so far. But trying to work on environments as an attempt to ‘focus,’ not an easy thing for me.

This is a blade I am working on from ChamferZone: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx6FRkGCUg3NXut5qGOdgYg .

And here is a scifi cooridor from this timelapse: https://youtu.be/KEeeYFQxzq8 very nice for them to have made the timelapse (Didn’t make the guy there, I just imported him from a different file from Picaut’s Cliff tower tutorial, as it comes with a measurement guy,- very useful to have around)

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