WIP from my new demo reel

I’m a student at the moment, but am working on my demo reel. here are some WIP videos:

ty in advance for any comments or criticisms

Sorry but I can’t see what the last two videos actually mean. Maybe if you wrote what you are trying to achieve it would be easier to know what to critique.

If you are putting together a demo reel as your art portfolio, then keep in mind that there is no need to put tutorials (like video 3 and 2) in the video.

Also, edit the video so that the camera is already in motion as you cut to that scene. It is usually considered unprofessional to have the camera just starting to move as you cut to a scene. (if i am still not making sense: cut away the first 1 second of video #1 as well as the last second.)

like I said, it’s WIP videos, but maybe I should have been more specific. These are brief renders I did to get a “feel” for how it was going to look in the final product. I actually have a rough draft of it now…but it’ll probably be tomorrow before I can get it uploaded. I’ll link it then.

sorry again.