WIP: future living (last render at p1)

I got a topic to work on: futuristic architecture.
So, I made a sketch first:
Top left: the Buildings above the clouds;
Top right: A solar tree (may be too complicated 4 blender it)
Bottom right: An example of a room of the buildings.

First prerender:

What do u think?

Nice concept. I’m sure that if you’re able to create some cool looking and detailed buildings, this will be very good work.

A solar tree (may be too complicated 4 blender it)

This should be no problem

It is an original project. You may put more building so as to make a big city (in the future, I think that cities will very big)

That looks kinda like the startup pic for blender 2.34

Wow, this looks like it has some promise; but I am a little confused… What are the hexagonal towers supposed to be? Buildings? They look like little islands or something in the sketch. This looks really good so far. Keep it up.

@krim: Those Islands are supposed to be Buildings with a green platform for plants and trees. They’re also supposed to be islands in a second kind of sea: the sea of clouds :smiley:

I rendered a newer version yesterday:

Oh, ok. Now that I see your latest render I understand. Very cool concept. I like the idea of the islands in the clouds…

@ Krims ( if i may call you that)

I believe he is intending it to be towers that are so high they stretch into the clouds…not like they are floating there…

Anywhoo, are you aware that the would be an enourmous tree, judging by the size of it in relation to the rooftop of a super-skycraper? Also, you might want to research the shapes of trees in high altitude settings, as they would probably be shorter and thicker and whatnot…

just my 2 cents…


Yes, of course you may call me that, I encourage people to call me Krims, it is much easier than writing out krimsondrae all the time.

I understand they are supposed to be towers, but I was just stating i like the concept of islands floating in midair… :smiley: Like mario hits blender…lol.

I was thinking the tree was a big also, or the buildings too small.

okey, okey… Ill make the tree smaller :wink:

But I wont make starwars’ cloud city… se… they aren’t flying houses.

Or do you really want that I make them flying?

I wouldn’t make them flying buildings, I just mean’t that, even though they are attached to the ground, I liked that ,from our perspective, it looked as though they were flying.

new version 03:

loads of details must be added…

I like the idea very much, it’s kinda interesting! You must keep us updated with that image, It’s having a great development already =)

thanks :slight_smile:
Ok, here is he next version 04:

I had to delete the grass texture… didnt match. :Z
Well…and…the blue thing is a road.

Astounding, lookin good so far.

Whoa. This is looking very good. I love the road. Did you trace it using a curve? And is the road supposed to be tubular, like in futurama or something? Keep up the good work.

I love the blue road, looks gorgeous, especially the way it disappears into the mist.

This scene’s a bit empty at the moment though, needs more detail and objects.

Also, please forgive me if I’m wrong, but are these trees just transparent textures? Or are they actually 3d models? They just have a strange outline.

well n_n Yes all trees are flat Planes :smiley:
But doesnt mater… I hope I dont need then in the front like in the last picture.

Here the version for the contest (after edit with Gimp)
May be Ill continue this work next week… but the contest ends now.