WIP/GAME/Awakening -the shadow in men.

Chapter 1:The shadow in men.
Work in progress
Game Idea:RPG, an order has been carried out from the Impress of Veitro
to enter Nighver and destroy all remains and beings in the zone, any survivors
or anything that lives will be brought back and kept under watch near Veitro.
A quest begins for a ancient who was once a hero and high figure of status for
the empress, also they don’t know of this man set 3000 years after the war
this ancients came from Nighver and has been buried for the waiting to revenge
her life and her people.Uncover, pray, hope, wish, step toward this quest to find
the secret never known of the shadow in men.

The shadow in men, are the guards controlling the towns and people of Veitro
Ruled by the empress.

the images are just examples for now, because I don’t have a scanner , thew I might
try taken photos of the pictures I’ve drawn.
developing concept.

Iyon Is the planet and Veirto and Nighver are the to countries the only two largest but there are many other areas on Iyon.

Iyon planet atmosphere is not like earth at all everything is seen even atoms so magic will be a big part of this place.Also Iyon holds laws and rights also, Do not attack unless attack else you will be jailed or even killed with no control to fight back. The Empress
Lives on sleeping machine frozen with in the ice…partially defrosting in the sunlight her palace is built on top while scantiness/scientists work on this machine, that came with the Empresses people. hmmm 3000 years ago the Empress was held into a time compression capsule where she will be held from 3000 years ago until now released to be ruler of Iyon.Guards will worship until they’re turned to shadows.

awesome!..if u need any help wit the game im in :smiley:

Are you sure your not helping other people with there games if so continue with them first, also this isn’t a project for everyone to help thank you anyway this is a project I will do on my own. I’m just aiming for quality and performance with in balance, so thank you and if I get stuck or do something wrong I’ll ask for you to help thank you.!

well…I’m not helping anyone else… this is actually the first time i ask i think… cause i think I’m getting at a decent stage in blender skills…and your welcome :smiley: … and like u said if u need any help…i might not no exactly but ill do my best to help

Awesome. well I am off to do more work on my character.
post something later.