WIP gate to hell

(dotblend) #1


just a wip, not really intended to post it here but i thought why not…

and because it did not have to look like a gate, i made the lid of a well.

(paradox) #2

I like the color and tha lighting. Also the concept of a lid of a well to hell is scary.

(S68) #3

Really nice :slight_smile:

I like it, very original.


(BgDM) #4

Very nice concept. I like it a lot.

Seems to be a l;ittle too green to me, (but hey, I’m colour blind, so it could just be me :wink: ).


(harkyman) #5

Cool. I was wondering when someone would show a little different interpretation of the gates of hell theme.

Personally, I’d rather see the lid modelled, and looking like and iron manhole cover, but it’s your image!

(dotblend) #6

it’s just a work in progress!