WIP. gungrave guns.

I gotta say I love the guns from gungrave. So I started modeling them in Blender last night. The grip was hideous so I deleted it and will work on it later on after I’ve tweaked the main body some more.


:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, another Gungrave fan I see! I’m also working on a Gungrave-style gun.

So far, the modelling looks fine, but the gunbody’s a bit short, don’t you think? FYI, the length-height ratio of Cerberus are approximately 4:1, so if the gunbody is 1 blender unit high, then it should be 4 blender unit long. If it looks a bit long, it is supposed to be one badass gun. Also, for the screws surrounding the cross, try to make them a bit bigger and more… protruding. When you render it, try to make it look a bit darker. Otherwise, it looks quite sweet!

Keep working!

thanks for the c&c. here’s a little update.


here’s some more wips. i know it seems like an easy project, but i’m fairly new to blender this’ll probably be my first completed work…



heres some more. i worked on it most of the night and am finally satisfied with the handle and the trigger. also there’s a test render.



That’s pretty sweet, although I’d probably scale down the handle abit to make it relatively bigger, just as the anime did. Don’t forget a little bit of protrusions along the handle. Do you have a detailed pic of those guns that you refer to?