WIP Haunted House

I spent about 2 weeks modeling the house. But i wanted to render something worth of seeing. so i’ve modeled a few things to see if anyone likes it. Absolutely everything is hand modeled, the trees, the house, the wood things that go on the house’s wall etc…

There are weigh too many things that still need to be modeled or retouched. But i will accept any suggestion from anyone.


I like it. Damn nice job on all the hand modeling. Where is your light placed at on this??

wow … nice work ,… i like the atmosphere … like in “Luigi’s Mansion” … GREAT !!!

There is a hemi light on top of the house set at .5, i have an area light following the direction of the moon so it hits the house in a somewhat natural manner. And i have a huge spot light from the first tree to the right hitting the scene to emphasize the shadows.

Here is a little update. I haven’t been able to do much to it because i’ve got a ton of homework.


here is another little update. I finally got a weekend off so i’ll hopefully finish this by sunday. I modeled fake moss for the house.


I can see a moon. Is that all there is?

I don’t know what you mean zanz

it needs some more subtle lighting i think.

yeah i’m having the oddest problem ever. People using windows computers say that my rendered image is too dark but people using mac computers like me say that they see it just fine, so i really don’t know what to do now

Mac users do not have to worry too much about setting their monitors up properly. Windows users need to make sure their monitors are calibrated.

check these out to get your monitor calibrated, try using the monitor settings before going into video settings in case you have to re-install windows.


You should definitely tweak your lighting. Maybe you don not have properly calibrated monitor. The picture is too dark to see details. Do not let bad lighting to ruin your great modelling.

yeah i have a mac computer so i see the image just fine, but i’ll make it brighter in my next update to see if it works

I see the image just fine as well, I am on a windows box but I calibrated my monitor. If you plan to print this, then be careful of advice to lighten the scene up. If you lighten it too much and then print it, then it will not look good.

I’m so confused, why do some people see my image different than me. Shouldn’t there be a standard way you look at things on computers???..

anyway update!!!
i used a little exaggeration on this update. The windows are not supposed to be like that i just want to know if people can actually see them.


well, that is because every monitor-panel has different pros and cons. Macs are all on a high standard (not the highest, but… high) and relativly good setup. Although there can be improvments due to calibrating if you need a better color-proof for a magacine for example.

on PCs you get all kinds of panels, some good, some bad, some calibrated, some not, some have bad color-profiles in their drivers and so on. That is why on Windows-PCs
the monitors are so different. With a proper calibration you can get that problem solved, too! (see Davin and his Windows-Box!)

Btw. I can see your image just fine on my Mac :wink: