WIP - head

this is the render so far, comments are really need and welcome cheers :

Hey guys just wanted to put up a wip of a head im working on

done everything in blender, sculpted the head from a box with dyno tool and textured etc

got some issues still thats going to be addressed but well here it is so far.


secound update

it’s hard to say from just the one view, but I think his forehead to face ratio is a little off. seems like there should be more forehead, less face.

hello modron , and thx for the feedback, i have made a little changes. here is the new update

Pay special attention to the eye area;).

hey ceasar, thx for the replay , i have done some tweaks , highlighted the fold in the upper eyelids and made the pupils smaller.
The hair just aint doing it for me, so i just for now took it away but it will be back , who knew male hair would be such a bi*ch ! :stuck_out_tongue:

I do have enormous trouble with letting the normal map go throw the image texture and subsurf thou . does anybody have a good tip here ? for example i have sculpted alot more wrinkles besides the eyes but they simply wont show up.

And to be honest i really dont understand the subsurf. i have it on 0 right now and its still doing alot for the skin.

Hope to hear from u guys , as I am trying to improve , would be cool to transform this to a topnotch image.

here is the latest render and the skin node. cheers

I went over the node setup on the skin and noticed that i hadent plugged the normal map in the subsurf ( dah ) and the wrinkles improved, not much but atleast now i see them alittle.

last update for the night. feel free to be very critical, want to learn cheers

hey guys so ive been findiling around and i think im starting to learn alittle more about the subsurf , and I also made a epidermal map from the orginal texturemap and added it in, i think i does quite alot.

I still have some minor texture problems ill have to fix, but im not so worried abot the top of the head since there´s gonna be hair there.

Critics are welcome cheers

hey guys so todays render i was working on the hair and also abit more on the skin shader.

the color of the hair isent set yet and there is still a little tweaking that im going to handle. comments are very welcome.

hi! I think is good!!!, change the camera focal lenght 85mm - 105 mm
the hair are too thin and blurred:)