WIP heads

Did I start something? I posted my head and it seems like people have posted a lot more heads since I posted mine. Or are there the normal amount of heads, and I just wanted to think I was a trend setter? 8)


Heads are a pretty generic and popular subject in the 3d/CGI realm. Get over yourself.

I am on my fourth WIP head since arriving here. :wink:


Im not special anymore.

im sure you never were :wink:

this is off-topic. LOCK-EM UP!

I disagree with that statement, (even though when I originally posted this I did have thoughts that it may be off topic), but technically its on topic since this forum is for discussing things related to computer graphics, blender, and basically this site. If the forum moderator wants to lock this post by all means let them have at it. I made a mistake by their standards, I’ll accept it, but just know what you are doing and what you are perpetuating.

:o Wow! You sound like a lawyer!