Wip: Help me make it GREAT!

OK, this needs to be REALLY REALLY good. NO errors, etc. It’s a poster I was asked to do.


It looks perfect, except the ship in the upper right-hand corner looks a bit detail-less.

If you meant top-left corner, then yes. The bottom of the ship looks really plain. Also, try posting a jpeg with better quality. 300kb isn’t much to download, it looks really low-quality right now. But overall it’s great, a really poster-ish scene :wink:

Dude! i htought at first it was a poster you wanted to recreate with Blender not that u actually did it yourself. Then i looked at your site and saw all the bablyon 5 stuff and was like…whoa! thats awesome.

There need to be about 5x as many ships, I’m in the process of converting a bunch right now. those are just the low poly ons from blenderwars.

there is also some oddball lighting going on with some of the ships…

thats the current change list so far…

need…more…input… :smiley:

If I made something like that, I wouldn’t change a thing. I wouldn’t want to risk losing its awesomeness !

The city lights on the surface seem a little too regular - too many smooth circles, etc.

It still has issues though Rhysy 2! :slight_smile:

light 2 big ship classes…looks…wrong. :slight_smile: It will get done right eventually…just hopeing for some help along the way.

W:oW!! is that curisont (spelling?)

yes, thats courascant.

not my planet though, it’s a render someone did for use as a background. (VERY high res, etc) He wouldn’t release his masp)

Yeah, I used to get that kinda stuff from theforce.net

ok, another update. :slight_smile:


I don’t know, the Texture map for the upper-left ship just isn’t convincing.

for some reason that orange ship on the bottom left corner is bugging me. It’s too orange or something… Great work on the poster. It looks amazing.

Main complaints, as have been said, are the top left ship looks down right nasty, and the orange ship- I think its the angle thats worrying me.

The ship that is in the first version where the orange ship was is better. Maybe switch back.

As for the planet, it seems not up to your normal planet standard. But, if you got it from someone else and they won’t give you the source files, I guess there isn’t alot you can do…

And as this stands as a scene, for me at least, it doesn’t say anything. Whats going on? The focus seems to be on that Xwing, but, why? I guess what I mean is, where are the explosions :stuck_out_tongue:

What is your secret that pic looks awsome!

Looks great. I think you should a few hundred low-poly ships in the background, for the rest ofthe planet’s orbit.

First off that’s amazing. Second, I’m with Mantis on the angle of that orange ship, it just looks really 2D. Finaly almost all of the ships (with the exception of that one) are headed in, I’d add some more going out (or turn a couple around) to make it a bit more believable. Really great work though.


Ender wiggin? Ender’s game? Oh man, that was an awesome book! :smiley: That was one of THE BEST if not THE BEST book I have ever read!

well…I would agree with you. infact, 24 hours ago, I DID agree, and changed it, along with some other stuff…

set the render up, hit the big go button, and went to bed.

then about an hour later, I heard a loud clanking sound coming from my PC. Loud enough to wake me up. Turned on the moniter…PC froze. clanking resumes…hit restart…boot sector not found. WTF?

found out later this morning, total hard drive failure. lost everything, including this project, which I now get to re-start from scratch.
cost 150$ for a new hard drive + loss of over a gig of new blender files, and a few dozen e-mails, school papers, etc.