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(ace4356) #1

Hey guys, I need some more help. Some of you may remember my WIP sword, I am strill working on it but I hit a snag. Unfortunately I can’t seem to make it work. I am trying to use EnvMaps to make the blade look metal, however I have repeatedly tried the envmaps tutorials you guys lniked me to. For some reason they aren’t working, I downloaded the demo .blends for each one and they looked great, I even tried to copy off them. I couldn’t get it to work. so here is the blend of my first attempt at envmaps, made with the ingiebee.com envmaps tutorial, if someone could look at it and see if they could figure out what I did wrong I would appreciate it.

Happy Blending,

(Rhysy 2) #2

You need to press the “refl” button to make reflections work. This is in the materials section, but it’s NOT the one on the right… it’s the one in the middle, in the row of green buttons in which normally othro is selected. (you may also want to press the “refl” and “cmir” buttons on the right, but that’s optional. Also the position of your empty looks weird, but there are much more knoweledgeable people than me to tell you about that.)

(ace4356) #3

Thanks, I’ve got an reflection, but it is on the very bottom of the render, and it is half cut off, as you can see on the .blend file my word is right on the plane, should move it? If not how do I fix this? Did you have the same problem when you fixed my .blend?

(Rhysy 2) #4

Sorry, I missed 2 very obvious things last time…

You have given the text the environment map texture. The PLANE should have this texture, not the writing.
Also the empty is in the wrong position. It should be be directly beneath the camera, the same distance from the plane as the camera (so in effect, its z value is negative that of the camera). This should fix everything quite nicely.

If I’m not making sense, it’s because it’s late, goodnight !

(ace4356) #5

Getting closer, now it justs a little tweaking…I think I can figure it out from here tohugh. So new question, how do I use an envmap to create a metal blade for my sword?

(adyus) #6

actually, I think a fake env map would work better here if U don’t have a scene for your sword yet. Try following the chrome tutorial at Ingiebee’s, under Theeth tutorials. You ARE trying to achieve a chromy look, aren’t u?